I thought I had seen the last of Old Man Winter. I was wrong. We got hit with about 10 inches of snow today. Normally, I’d wait by my phone for the inevitable “It’s okay, we’re not busy so you can stay home” call. But I had the last four days off… and my wallet is gathering dust, so I went in for my 5:45pm shift at Blue Crustacean.

To say that the restaurant was dead was an understatement. Rolling tumbleweeds is more like it. My boss had told me that we had less than 50 guests between 11amย and 5pm. Needless to say, our labor hours sucked balls. My boss (thankfully) called off half the floor. She wanted to send the hostess home too, but she’s a panicky sort, so it took some cajoling on my part to convince her to do it.

I really didn’t want to go home, so I agreed to host for the night AND serve tables as a favor to her. We were slow, and I was feeling generous. Hey, I’m not above scoring brownie points! (I squirrel them away for when I need them).

I gave myself a section close to the host stand, so things weren’t too bad. And on the plus side, the dinner crowd did pick up a little bit, because the next closest Blue Crustacean closed their doors at 6pm because it was losing money today. About half of our traffic came via that location.

Still, seven tables is better than none. Six tables were dueces and they all left me $10 each, and the one 3top I had left me $15. After giving the bartender $5 (1% of my sales) I walked out with $70. Not bad for a slow night.

Even nicer: my boss changed my time card for me. My shift tonight was officially recorded as “Trainer”. So my wages for the night were $10.35/hour. I’m a happy panda ๐Ÿ™‚